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What Explains December Closings?

Jul 28, 2020

Over the Christmas period, many struggling businesses take the decision to stop trading. And this makes a degree of sense when you think about it. If you business has been struggling, you get to the end of the year and businesses close for the holidays. As a director, you are left to ask yourself a question. “Am I willing to go through another year like that?” If the answer is no, then over Christmas you have time to get your affairs in order. From about the 15th of December to the 5th of January, your creditors are likely to start closing for the holiday, which means you have fewer people coming after you. For these reasons, the idea of closing down for good forever over Christmas in appealing.

However, there is one massive problem. What happens if you want to continue? If you wish to keep trading but don’t know how, by waiting this late in the year to seek help, you have left yourself with so little time that you have almost no choice but to stop. If you start thinking about your future earlier, and seek help in time, you may be able to find solutions to help you not only survive but thrive. At Corporate Funding Limited, we won’t stop working with you when everything else slows down. By getting in contact earlier, we can use our expertise in providing financial solutions to potentially offer you a way out.

Before you contact an insolvency company, put yourself at the mercy of your bank, or just cease trading altogether, give us a call.

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